Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For the love of noodles

My son loves noodles - be it flat rice noodles or yellow wheat noodles. However, trying to get those long wormy strands into his tiny-sized mouth is always challenging. Until recently, if we're dining at a proper restaurant (versus at a self-served food court) I would request for his noodles to be cut before they are served.

But this is no longer necessary as we're now prepared and ready for noodles of any kind. The solution: a noodle cutter set by Combi. I did not even realize that something like this exists until I stumbled upon it at an obscure baby shop near our place. It may not look like it would do a good job but it works great and we have yet to come across any type of noodles that the gadget can't snip up. Conveniently packed in a small case which fits a spoon as well, we never leave home without it nowadays as who knows what life would serve up! Check out the product here: Combi. It costs around S$6.90 at most children retail stores.

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